Board-Level Heatsinks Heatsinks & Coolers PGA/BGA

Dimensions: L18 x W18 x H10 mm


  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: BGA heatsinks quickly move heat away from components using materials like aluminum or copper.
  • Compact Design: BGA heatsinks match the size of ICs or components, making them efficient in limited space.
  • Secure Attachment: BGA heatsinks are often glued onto ICs or components using special adhesive for efficient heat transfer.
  • Versatile Use: BGA heatsinks are used in various devices such as computers, servers, gaming consoles, and industrial systems.
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JBHAE1801 Products List

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JBHAE1801 AL6063-T5 L18 x W18 x H10 mm Black Anodized