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JARO Thermal is a recognized leader in the electronic thermal management field. For more than 39 years, JARO has developed a broad range of unique, cutting-edge cooling technologies designed to extend the life of electronic components for many different industries. Our commitment to product, people and technological innovation will advance our quest for superior products and services to deliver the quality our customers require. Learn More
About JARO Thermal

Jaro Is High Performance

Jaro Thermal Fans

• Ultra-high airflow with ultra-high static pressure
• Up to 100,000 hours life L10@°40C
• PWM controllable
• Sizes range from 382x28mm up to 1402x51mm
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COB Cooler

COB Coolers

by Jaro

• Compatible with all LED brands
• High effiency heat dissipation
• ZHAGA standard mounting holes
• Flexible self-tapping options
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Automotive grade

jaro thermal fans

• TS16949 factories
• Many automotive grade products available, including the AFB Bearing DC Fan, etc. Learn More
CPU Cooler

CPU Coolers

jaro thermal fans

• Active and Passive
• Commonly used chipset types - LGA 1155/1366/2011
• Coolers designed to fit different height requirements - from 1U to 4U
• Rated wattages range from 95W for 1U applications up to 160W for 2U applications Learn More
Skived Heatsinks
Skived Heatsinks

Skived Heatsinks

jaro thermal fans

Very high fin density; increased surface area for heat dissipation; used in applications requiring medium to high performance (<95W). Learn More
Frameless bracket fan
Bracket fan
Frameless fan

Frameless Bracket Fan

JARO THERMAL fan series

• Increased level of design flexibility.
• Ideal for IC, CPU, or embedded heat sink designs
• Can be directly mounted onto circuit boards.
• Options: Op Temp -25 to +90°C, IP-55 water protection, PWM control, Tachometer output Learn More
Slim heat pipes

Micro Ultra Slim Heat-pipes


• Can use water or other fluids as a "working fluid" as demanded by application.
• Its 0.6mm minimum achievable thickness makes it perfect for most confined-space requirements
• Internal capillary mesh wick allows for cooling capacities that range from 5W up to 35W.
• Applications include LED modules, tablet PCs, mobile phones and other electronic devices that require cooling within extreme space limitations. Learn More

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