Privacy Policy

Basic Principles

JARO Thermal, Inc. will not collect or maintain Personal Data that is not relevant to or not required for the conduct of business and will take reasonable steps to assure that Personal Data remains accurate.

Personal Data will be treated as confidential, and sufficient internal procedures and controls will be employed to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, use, copying, modification, destruction. Personal Data maintained by JARO Thermal, Inc. will not be used for purposes that are incompatible with the purposes for which it was collected. Personal Data will not be transferred to third parties, except as required for the conduct of business, and only to third parties who have agreed in writing to protect the privacy of Personal Data.

Opting Out Of Email Communications

You can choose not to receive emails from Jaro Thermal at any time by simply sending an email, including your name and email address, to and we’ll remove you from all mailings.

JARO Thermal, Inc. will treat all Personal Data in our possession as confidential, and maintain internal procedures and controls designed to prevent unauthorized or unlawful processing of data and against accidental loss or, destruction of, or damage to, Personal Data.


Personal Data in Jaro Thermal’s custody or control is protected by appropriate technology, policies and procedures designed to prevent unauthorized use, access, disclosure, modification, copying or destruction and to maintain the integrity, availability and privacy of Personal Data.


JARO Thermal, Inc. maintains collaborative relationships with vendors, subcontractors, strategic partners, and others who assist us and our customers in the conduct of our respective businesses. From time to time JARO Thermal, Inc. may transfer Personal Data to these parties to enable them to work with JARO Thermal, Inc., but we require that they maintain the privacy of Personal Data in a manner satisfactory to JARO Thermal, Inc. and consistent with applicable law.