JARO Automotive Grade
Fans & Heatsinks

JARO Thermal has created advanced cooling technology to help various industries manage heat effectively. Our products are made to fit our customers’ requirements, and we go to their research and manufacturing facilities to collaborate closely with them and ensure they get the best solution for their needs.

One significant advantage of our cooling solutions is their reliability. Our fans can be used in many car applications to cool things like Infotainment systems, HVAC motors, E-Boxes, LED headlamps, heaters, sensor blowers, seat ventilation, battery packs, amplifiers, solar sunroofs, and car fridges. Our products are designed to provide dependable, efficient, and quiet cooling.

We offer customized solutions for automotive applications. For instance, we can create custom fan blades, frame designs, rubber bags, and heat sinks to match our customers’ specific requirements. Our engineers, with over a decade of experience in developing automotive fans, collaborate closely with customers to understand their needs and create the best solution.

To meet the high demands of automotive customers, we’ve set up top-notch automated production lines that ensure high-quality products.

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Please contact us for your application-specific needs. We will work with you directly to understand the application and find the product that best fits your needs.