R&D Design

Fan Development Flow

Development (weeks)

Prototype (weeks)

Tooling (weeks)

Demand Input

Impeller & Frame Design

Photo of a hot blazing fire.


NG: Returns to Impeller & Frame Design

Motor Design

Circuit Design

Signal Verify

Photo of a hot blazing fire.


Photo of a hot blazing fire.

Sample Assemble

Motor Efficiency Test

NG: Returns to Motor Design or Circuit Design

Performance Test

NG: Returns to Impeller & Frame Design

Photo of a hot blazing fire.

Tooling Sample

Fan Development Software

  • CFD Software
  • Ansys, UG (airflow, noise, stress)
  • Ansys Flotherm, Ansys Fluent (thermal analysis)
  • Drawing Software
  • Auto CAD, Pro/E (3D, 2D drawing)
  • Ansoft (magnet distribution, rotation distribution, rotation and current distribution)

Fan Development Hardware

3D Printer

Blade Vibration

Gauss Tester

Pull Force Strength Test

2.5MM Projector

Oil Film

Mock Up Process


CNC Machining

Sample Mock Up

Fan Test Equipment

Wind Tunnel Chamber

  • LW-9015-250
  • Test range:2.4~250CFM
  • pressure test range:0~30 mmAq
  • (Till to 200 mmAq)

2D Gauss curve tracer

Vibration Test Equipment

Acoustic Chamber

Acoustic chamber is built according to acoustic test standard:

  • ISO3745 . ISO7779. GB6882
  • Background Noise: Fo<=15 dB(A)
  • Chamber Outer Dimension: LxWxH : 5.6x 4.8x 3.2 meters
  • Chamber Inner Dimension: LxWxH : 3.5x 2.5 1.8 meters
  • Software: ArtemiS Suite/ Germany Head-Acoustics
  • Hardware: Microphone/Denmark GRAS, Digital Dummy Head/Germany Head-Acoustic

From Left: Sound Quality Report, Fan Vibration, Sound Pressure, Sound Quality

Thermal Module Simulation

Ice Pak Simulation

Solid Works Simulation

Metal Part Design Software