Reminder: JARO’s Ludicrously-fast 5G Telecom Fan

JARO's New Ultra-high Speed Fan Is Perfect For 5G Apps

JARO’s New Ultra-High Speed 30,000 RPM Fan Sets The Bar For 5G Cooling

CoolingThis very powerful fan is one of the highest performing 12V/24W DC fans on the market today, which makes it ideal for most 5G and Telecom cooling applications. This incredibly fast (40x40x28 mm) axial fan cools at a ludicrously powerful 30,000 RPM, with a very low vibration. At the same time, the noise level is delightfully low for such a fast class of ultra-high-speed fans (67.5 dB(A)).

Features include reverse protection, soft-start function, soft-switch function, tachometer, locked rotor alarm, PWM speed control, environmental protection, RoHS & REACH compliance. The operating voltage ranges from 7.0 ~ 13.2 VDC, with a very high airflow of 35.02 CFM in static pressure. This fan’s powerful performance makes it an ideal replacement for existing 40x40x56 mm axial fans. All fans are tested for thermal cycling, humidity exposure, vibration & mechanical shock. Life exp. = 70K hours.