JFanLED-85 Series Star Heat Sinks

Heatsinks & Coolers LED Heatsinks JFanLED Series

  • P/N: JFanLED-8520 / JFanLED-8550 / JFanLED-8580
  • Diameter 85mm – Standard height 20.0mm / 50.0mm / 80.0mm, Other heights on request.
  • Thermal resistance range Rth(2.6°C/W; 1.7°C/W; 1.3°C/W).
  • Modular design with mounting holes foreseen for direct mounting of a wide range of LED modules and COB’s.
  • Extruded from highly conductive aluminum AL6063-T5.
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JFanLED-85 Series Star Heat Sinks Products List

Product No.
JFanLED-8520 AL6063-T5 Ø85 x H 20mm Anodize
JFanLED-8550 AL6063-T5 Ø85 x H 50mm Anodize
JFanLED-8580 AL6063-T5 Ø85 x H 80mm Anodize