Die-Casting Services

JARO Magnesium, Aluminum & Zinc Die-Casting

Located in Dongguan, China with ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and TS-16949 certificated. The facility includes buildings dedicated to die-casting automotive parts manufacturing, surface treatment and tooling. 

Operations include:

  • Tooling Design/Development
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Sales and Service


Photo of a custom die-casting mold being made in our factory.

Year Factory Location Established

Plant Area (in m2)


The JARO Die-Casting Process

Step one: tool design

Tool Design

Step two: die casting

Die Casting

Step three: Machinery Process

Machinery Process

Step four: CNC Process

CNC Process

Step five: Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Step 6: Degreasing


Step seven: Final Inspection

Final Inspection

Step eight: packaging


Step nine: Ex-factory


Our Facility