Apec 2015

  •  Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC
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At a time when power electronics require ever-smarter cooling technology, Jaro’s presence at last week’s APEC conference was widely appreciated. Most of the visitors were amazed at how lightweight Jaro’s CPU (zipper fin) coolers actually were, and were also intrigued by the combined heatsink/fin and heatpipe/fan combinations they observed. JARO visitors included VPs (of Engineering), Sales Directors, Engineering Managers, Components Engineers and Manufacturer Sales Reps. Jaro visitors were also treated to other new technologies, including micro-heat pipes, nano-fans, Aquas waterproof fans, and (Turbo series) high-pressure DC fans.

Apec 2015 Image Gallery:

An image from the Apec 2015 event An image from the Apec 2015 event