JARO’s Powerful, “Guarded” IC Coolers for Tight-fitting Spaces

JARO's Powerful, "Guarded" IC Coolers Offer Low Thermal Resistance For Tight Fitting Spaces

JARO’s three newest IC coolers with fan guard (IJSC00113, JSC00115 & JSC00116) pack an amazingly low level of thermal resistance (as low as 1.02 C/W) for such low-height products. All IC coolers were specifically designed with low-profile equipment in mind. JARO’s unique embedded fan-to-sink design reduces IC installation steps, while the unique finger guard design can be applied to exposed devices or other exposed chips, for heat dissipation, while saving time and space. The new coolers offer an impressively low thermal resistance of 1.02 C/W. This makes them ideal for limited-space requirements, such as PCMCIA, PCI express cards; blade servers; and all HOT CHIP SETS. JARO coolers have an ultra- low operating noise to CFM ratio and are excellent at cooling BGA, graphic and embedded processors and other IC packages; that include microprocessors, FPGAs, & DSPs. The unique open-finned design combines both natural and forced air convection while utilizing a pre-applied phase change pad and universal mounts. These models are the best heat dissipation options in limited spaces.

Downloadable Datasheets Here:

JSC00123: Cooler = 45 X 12.7 MM | FAN = 40 x 08 MM

JSC00125: Cooler = 55 x 15 MM | FAN = 38 x 11.5 MM

JSC00136: Cooler = 70 x 16 x 13 MM | FAN = 50 x 10 MM

High-Definition Product Photographs

HD PIC #1 | HD PIC #2 | HD PIC #3

Low Power Consumption: But that’s not all – these coolers boast a low power consumption level and operate quietly, taming the heat generated by a variety of IC packages. Thus, JARO’s “Guarded” coolers offer a powerful, quiet, and chilly environment for even the most compact spaces.

Experience a sense of tranquility: JARO’s new coolers operate with a low noise-to-CFM ratio. Your systems will thrive as these coolers efficiently tame the heat generated by BGA, graphics, embedded processors, and a spectrum of IC packages, including microprocessors, FPGAs, and DSPs. 

JARO’s “Unique Fit” Fan Guard Properties (Optional)

The appearance of a fan guard needs to match the size of the heat sink precisely. Thus, very few ready-made products can be relied upon in today’s times. Thankfully, all three of JARO’s models use fan guards that are specifically designed to match each IC cooler.

JARO’s fan guard is thin and light; however, it still provides a powerfully astonishing level of thermal performance.

Currently, fan guards are not used explicitly for bracket fan heatsinks. (Most of today’s fan guards are used on axial flow fans, and the assembled volume is enormous, which cannot be used in specific, narrow spaces.)