Extreme Temperature Fan Targets Harsh Conditions

JARO’s new extreme temperature fan offers an impressive operating temperature/humidity...

JARO’s new extreme temperature fan offers an impressive operating temperature/humidity of -40°C to +105°C at 5% to 90% relative humidity. The new fan operates with leading edge technology, specifically designed to reduce energy consumption, provide higher performance, lower vibration, lower noise, ESD and EMC protection. IP56 waterproof protection is also an option. The unique 40 X 40 x 20 mm, DC, fluid bearing design was specifically designed for the automotive industry (IE: LED headlights); however, this fan can also be used in a wide variety of high-temperature, outdoor applications and industries.

  • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C ~ +105°C)
  • High performnce
  • Low power consumption (<1 Watt)
  • Long life L10: 30,000hrs/60°C, (Over 100,000hrs/40°C).
  • Low vibration 
  • Lower noise
  • ESD protection 
  • EMC protection
  • AEC-Q100 
  • IP56 protection (optional)

With over 25 years of experience in the thermal cooling industry, Jaro Thermal continues to research, develop and feature cutting edge, next-generation electronic cooling-device technologies and products, that are specifically designed to extend the life of your electronic components and circuits