Product: Low-profile IC Coolers

<p>September 6th, 2018 -- Boca Raton, FL: JARO&rsquo;s new IC coolers are efficiently-sized and pack an amazing level of thermal performance. The JSC00085 model measures in at a compact 71x52x12mm, making it ideal for companies that manufacture low-profile equipment. JARO&#39;s unique embedded fan-to-sink design reduces IC installation steps, while saving time and space. This makes them ideal for limited-space requirements, such as PCMCIA, PCI express cards; blade servers; and all HOT CHIP SETS. JARO coolers have an ultra- low operating noise to CFM ratio and are excellent at cooling BGA, graphic and embedded processors and other IC packages; that include microprocessors, FPGAs, &amp; DSPs. The unique open-finned design combines both natural and forced air convection while utilizing a pre-applied phase change pad and universal mounts. With a L10 life expectancy of 70,000 hours at 40&deg;C , this breezy model is simply the best cooling value in its cooling class.</p>

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