Product: 8076 Super Flow Turbo Fan

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Spinning at over 19,000 rpm, JARO new 80mm x 76mm combination of counter-rotating fans exceeds the static pressure barrier by reaching an unheralded 10 inches of static pressure (in H20). To achieve such a forceful level of Super-cooled air flow (136.41 CFM), the stability, power consumption, vibration & speed of these new Turbo Fans are all tightly monitored and controlled. This fixed-blade design is perfect for raid drives, storage and Cloud System requirements. Originally based on JARO 8076 Super Flow Turbo Fan, the new Turbo exceeds today harshest environmental requirements. Operating at -10 to +70C, the Turbo provides an impressive life expectancy of 70,000 HOURS AT 40¢XC and humidity 65%. Other options include an extended operating temperature of -25 to +90¢XC., IP-55 water protection, on-board PWM control, alarm output, tachometer output, thermistor controls and more. This industry-leading combination puts this Next-Generation fan at the forefront of today thermal cooling technology revolution.

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